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Steven Pratt MD in his book Super Foods Health Style, calls honey a New Super Food. Super foods are foods that don't just provide nutrition, but actually improve your health. These are foods that you should not be living with out. According to Dr. Pratt, Superfoods such as honey can dramatically improve health, vigor and longevity.

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Honey - the New Super Food

Raw Honey: Exploring the Benefits of This Ancient Superfood



Peter Molan at the University of Waikato in New Zealand has done extensive research on the effectiveness of honey for wound healing. He has found out that a honey has a number of properties that promote wound healing. Honey naturally has an antibiotic effect because of the high concentrations of sugars that can cause osmotic destruction of pathogens, but Molan has found that beyond this effect that certain kinds of honey also contain components that enhance the healing of wounds.